ApowerMirror 1.7

Mirrors mobile devices on the computer's screen

See what's happening on your Android handset, iPhone or iPad directly on your PC and control the mobile device remotely. Play games from the mobiles, send texts or use various mobile apps using a mouse and keyboard. The tool pairs the devices using a WiFi connection.

ApowerMirror allows you to share and visualize your phone´s screen on your computer’s monitor. Likewise, this tool lets you operate the phone using your keyboard and mouse. For this to be possible, you should install two pieces of software, one on your PC and the other on your mobile phone. Fortunately, the portable device can automatically get the necessary software from your computer without any additional downloads.

The program supports Android and iOS operating systems. If you own an Android phone, it can be connected to your computer through either USB cable or Wi-Fi. However, iPhones only support Wi-Fi connections. It is a shame that the portable application cannot run on relatively old operating system versions.

Once the devices establish a connection, your phone’s screen automatically appears on the monitor. It is great that you can still use your computer to control the software running on your smartphone. Additionally, it lets you record video or take snapshots of your phone´s screen.

All in all, ApowerMirror lets you magnify whatever is shown on your smartphone on a bigger screen. Therefore, it allows reading a document, watching a video or playing a game more comfortably. Likewise, it can be used for educational purposes and in software presentations. The product is available in three versions: Free, Personal and Commercial.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports both iOS and Android
  • Connect through a USB cable and Wi-Fi
  • Record video and take snapshots of your phone’s screen
  • Does not require additional downloads


  • Not compatible with relatively old Android versions
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